Alien Spidy lands 20th of March!
Finally we have a date! You earthlings will be able to join me on my tour through the woods on the 20th of march 2013! On that day, Alien Spidy will be available on PC, MAC and Xbox Live Arcade. A Playstation Network version will follow soon. More information on

Alien Spidy interview with product manager Andrew McKerrow

  Hey earth folks! I was guest at a Kalypso event last week in a german city called Berlin. At my side was Andrew McKerrow, who is a “product manager” (whatever that is!) for Alien Spidy. He gave an interview to a journalist from You can follow this link, to see the video interview!
Link: Video interview with Alien Spidy product manager Andrew McKerrow
Preview –
“You know what? It’s pretty damn great.” – Twinfinite
Preview – Hardcoregamer
“Alien Spidy’s shaping up to be an ace in the hole for XBLA, PSN and even PC gamers.” HardcoreGamer
Preview –
“From what I played of the game, Alien Spidy is looking rather fun” – ZTGD
Preview – XBLAFANS
“Alien Spidy isn’t your friendly neighbourhood spider platformer. It is, however, a fun game that seems to have found a healthy balance between challenging the player and punishing him.” – XBLAFANS
“Alien Spidy is an inviting game that makes you want to keep playing.”
“I can’t talk about Alien Spidy without discussing just how gorgeous it looks.”
“the game really shines as a throwback to the retro platformers that forced you to think fast and act faster.”
“It’s refreshing how this title requires you to have a constant sense of awareness, all the while being a sheer joy to play.”
Go check out the DEV Blog on PlayStation.bloghere

“One of the key factors for a game to be successful revolves around the charisma and empathy of the lead character, a task that seems simple, but can be an endeavour of epic proportions. The first step in the concept process was….   3
“There are a lot of cool little elements in Alien Spidy in both the art and the puzzles” “It’s also welcoming and friendly to non-hardcore players and should offer a fun time for all.” “It also has that ‘I’m going to try just one more time’ quality that keeps you coming back.” “Little puzzle elements kick up the platforming a notch because they’re tightly woven into the level design.”